June 2022

Transitional period for international teleworking after Covid-19

2022-06-16T13:51:13+02:0016 June 2022|General|

The Administrative Commission for the coordination of Social Security within the EU has reached an agreement to allow a transition period until 31 December 2022 for frontier workers who work from home. During this transitional period, there will be no change in the applicable social insurance scheme, even if more [...]

May 2022

April 2022

COVID-19 #20 | Temporary agreements NL with Belgium and Germany on cross-border workers end on 1 July 2022

2022-04-25T10:14:42+02:0025 April 2022|General|

As a result of the decreasing restrictions related to COVID-19, governments have extended the special measures for cross-border workers for the last time. The temporary agreements with Belgium and Germany have been extended to 30 June 2022. Based on these agreements, a resident of a country, who normally works in [...]

Update #2: work and residence permit regulations Ukrainian refugees

2022-04-07T12:36:36+02:007 April 2022|General|

As per 1 April 2022 it is possible to notify the employment of Ukrainian nationals who fall under the Temporary Protection Directive to the Labour Office (UWV). Based on this notification, a work permit is no longer required. The employee is authorised to start working, two days after submission of [...]

March 2022

Update #1: work and residence permit regulations Ukrainian refugees

2022-03-31T12:48:41+02:0031 March 2022|General|

On 4 March 2022 the Temporary Protection Directive was adopted by the EU (click here to read this NewsFlash). This gives Ukrainian nationals access to the Dutch labour market resulting in a different approach of the Dutch Labour Inspection (SZW). The legal modifications will not be implemented overnight and therefore [...]

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